Mount Rinjani Trekking Information that You Should Know

Make sure to gather enough Mount Rinjani trekking informationbefore you go because it helps you find out the facts about the place. Sure, you can also gather the information from your guide or travel provider, but it is so much fun if you can get the basic knowledge about the place.

Starting out

First of all, you need to know that there are two different routes to reach the peak – from the western side or the eastern area. There are different path and also different challenges on each path. Knowing this Mount Rinjani trekking informationalone can also help you determine which provider you want to choose. Some providers are specializing themselves on providing the western route only while some specialize themselves on providing the eastern route. They are focusing on each route because they have the skilled guides who know the area very well.

Some providers, on the other hand, are able to provide services on both routes. Depending on their clients, they are able to provide any service needed, whether it is through the eastern area or the western side. This is only a part of the different services offered by them. That’s why you need to talk about things thoroughly with the providers.

Example Route

Here is a general information about the route from Sembalun. There are Post One at Pemantauan and Post Two at Tengengean where visitors can stop and rest. At Post Three at Padabalong, you can enjoy the lunch break. From there, the journey can be quite steep and it is challenging. You will have to spend a night at Crater Rim Sembalun. After breakfast, you will have to go up and spend another night there. On the third day, you should be able to reach the peak. If you want to know more Mount Rinjani trekking information, you should contact the service provider to discuss things thoroughly.


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